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Lutheran Education Foundation of Minnesota is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. 100% of your gift will go to the schools for education. Your gifts are tax deductible. The Board of Directors pays all operating expenses. Each Lutheran school operates independently  and is financed primarily by student tuition, family contributions and participating churches. Great effort is made to keep tuition affordable. At the same time, we are committed to quality education. Only through partnerships can we best serve our children, families and communities. Together we can accomplish what we cannot do as individuals.


Scholarships are a core element of our philanthropic mission. They enable students who might not otherwise be able to begin or prepare for higher education. Many of our scholarship recipients are minorities, from other countries, and/or are from families in which they hope to be the first generation to attend college. Prayer Points: Praying for us is your greatest way to give. For staff, for students, for families, for funds to meet student needs.

Partner Scholarships

Scholarship awards generally range between $3,500 to $4,000. Any dollar amount you can spare would be greatly appreciated. Many annual scholarships are named in honor of donors or those they honor with their gift. Call (952) 942-7040 to learn more about providing scholarship opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth.

Ways to give

Planned Giving

Contact the LEFM office for details and restrictions

Online Giving

For your convenience, contact us through justgive.org to send your gift. (JustGive.org takes 3% of your gift for administrative fees.)

Stock Transfer

If you would like to give a gift through a stock transfer, our account number is 80013029. Contact Jan Soderholm or Andrew Garrett at (952) 831-3809. (The stock will be immediately sold and the money wire transferred to LEFM)

Other Deferred Giving

Contact the LEFM office for further options. We welcome your suggestions and creative ways to give.


Regular volunteers greatly benefit our schools. Contact us at mel@teachourkids.org for current volunteer opportunities.

Estate Gifts

Contact the LEFM Office for details.

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