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Children of all races, creeds, and economic backgrounds learn and achieve in Twin Cities ( Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN )  Lutheran schools.  Teachers are committed to excellence, students are learning, and parents are actively involved in their children’s education.  Their stories are full of faith, hope, sacrifice, and success, even though many of their neighborhoods are plagued by gangs, violence, and abuses of every kind.

Who We Serve

The Lutheran Education Foundation of MN was founded by individuals concerned that our Lutheran schools are underfunded. Realizing that these schools are a great asset to our communities, the Board of Directors is determined to bring school supporters and Lutheran business leaders together in a united effort to support our schools. School staff are dedicated to serve each child as Christ would, giving generous encouragement and healthy structure, while modeling godly character and excellence. We believe the truths of scripture are foundational to achieving academic success. According to Chuck Colson, “The decline in American public education is not due to poor teaching or lack of funding; it is due to educational theories that deny the existence of transcendent truth and morality, that renounce standards of excellence, and ultimately render children unteachable.”

Passionate for Youth Education Success!

Each Lutheran school operates independently and is financed primarily by student tuition, family contributions, and partnering churches. Great effort is made to keep tuition affaordable. At the same time, we are committed to quality education. Only through partnerships can we best serve our children, families, and communities. Together we can accomplish what we cannot do as individuals. Scholarships enable students who might not otherwise be able to begin or prepare for higher education. Many come from families in which they hope to be the first generation to attend college. All are deserving in terms of need and achievement.
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Our Schools

St. Paul Central Lutheran School 

775 North Lexington Parkway St. Paul, MN 55104-1497 Phone: 651-645-8649 Email: school@clssp.org  Site: www.clssp.org

Trinity First Lutheran School 

1115 E. 19th St. Minneapolis, MN 55404-2035 Phone: 612-871-2353 Email: trinityfirstschool@gmail.com  Site: www.trinityfirstschool.org 

Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School

2950 Highway 55 Eagan, MN 55121-1520 Phone: 651-454-1139 Email: school@trinityloneoak.org  Site: www.tloschool.org

Joy Academy 

655 Forest St. St. Paul, MN 55106-4508 Phone: 651-771-6982 Email: info@joyacademy.org  Site: www.joyacademy.org 

Concordia Academy

2400 Dale St. N. Roseville, MN 55113-4510 Phone: 651-484-8429 Email:  tim.berner@concordiaacademy.com  Site: www.concordiaacademy.com
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